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#HappyEaster: Never, Never again be Afraid!

By on March 27, 2016
“Do not be afraid!” Always allow your joy to be greater than your fear! Nothing in your life should be stronger than His joy.

#Lent2016, Good Friday

By on March 25, 2016
The Man Who had turned over tables ... held little children on his lap ... calmed the storms ... and raised the dead ... was now bleeding in agony.

#Lent2016, Maundy Thursday

By on March 24, 2016

Text: Matthew 26:31-75
Jesus took three disciples with Him to the Garden of Gethsemane. Peter, James and John had been with Him on the Mount of Transfiguration, and Jesus needed them…


#Lent2016, Holy Wednesday

By on March 24, 2016

Text: Matthew 26:17-30, Exodus 6:6-7

This was the third Passover meal Jesus had eaten with His disciples.

The Passover meal was organized around drinking four cups of wine, each representing the four-part promise…


#Lent2016, Holy Tuesday

By on March 22, 2016

Text: John 12:1-6, Matthew 26:14-16, Psalms 41

The unanswerable word “Why?!” echoes within my soul as I read the tragic account of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.


Judas had spent three years with…