Reflections on ‘Taj; G for Genius’

I had an opportunity, a rare one I think, to have a sit-down with Olamide Adedeji. It was rare to sit with him at his office because we would typically communicate via calls, IMs or SMS. And if I do not succeed, his home would be the last resort for an informal meet if I harassed him long enough.

I admire Olamide a lot. He may be surprised to read this but I have known him since he was 18 or 19 years and to listen to the successful, confident and assured man I met a few days ago (about 31 or 32 years now), inspiration swelled inside me like a proud mother (Sorry, ‘Lamide I did mean sister. Trust me!) When you watch someone work very hard and over time attain great heights, it would be impossible not to identify with him.

This meeting was also an opportunity for me to engage the CMA Group as a corporate entity and best practice for the industry. I had long wondered how the company made money, expanded rather quickly after some quiet periods and significantly raised the bar in becoming the only media company to successful run over 6 TV & Radio Channels at the same time. For me, it was important because ThistlePraxis & CMA Group have both metamorphosed into a group of companies within the creative and core business sectors that I was certain I had a few lessons to learn from my trip to Lekki.


FSR Africa: Ready to Run…

I am pleased, humbled, no; honoured to introduce the newest brand from our stable.

Always a pleasure to be involved in birthing greatness.

The Foundation for Sustainability & Responsibility in Africa is a continent-wide, not-for-profit has been envisioned to develop and promote sustainability and responsibility through advocacy initiatives, projects and high-level engagements with key stakeholders on issues around sustainability, responsibility and sustainable development within Africa.

To skip the long story, after 5 years of executing the Africa CEO Roundtable & Conference on Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility, AR-CSR™); FSR Africa will be responsible for the initiative as a part of the larger vision for mainstreaming sustainability in Africa.

ThistlePraxis Consulting did not achieve this alone but in collaboration with other founding organisations led by some of the most passionate, experienced and forward-thinking professionals on the continent (Reana Rossouw, Monaem Ben – Lellahom and Issam Chleuh). Of course, Ini Onuk is Founding Chairperson, Board of Trustees 🙂            (who else comes up with crazy deadlines in reaction to my crazy ideas?)

So, visit the FSR Africa Website, LinkedIn or Facebook Page and follow on Twitter.

We’re ready to run….