Reflections on ‘Taj; G for Genius’

I had an opportunity, a rare one I think, to have a sit-down with Olamide Adedeji. It was rare to sit with him at his office because we would typically communicate via calls, IMs or SMS. And if I do not succeed, his home would be the last resort for an informal meet if I harassed him long enough.

I admire Olamide a lot. He may be surprised to read this but I have known him since he was 18 or 19 years and to listen to the successful, confident and assured man I met a few days ago (about 31 or 32 years now), inspiration swelled inside me like a proud mother (Sorry, ‘Lamide I did mean sister. Trust me!) When you watch someone work very hard and over time attain great heights, it would be impossible not to identify with him.

This meeting was also an opportunity for me to engage the CMA Group as a corporate entity and best practice for the industry. I had long wondered how the company made money, expanded rather quickly after some quiet periods and significantly raised the bar in becoming the only media company to successful run over 6 TV & Radio Channels at the same time. For me, it was important because ThistlePraxis & CMA Group have both metamorphosed into a group of companies within the creative and core business sectors that I was certain I had a few lessons to learn from my trip to Lekki.


#Recommended: I refuse to work for free.

“When ‘free’ becomes the way creative work gets assessed, it undercuts the market for everyone, famous and obscure alike. Writers are exploited. That won’t change until we acknowledge that writing isn’t a hobby or a passion — it’s a job.”

– Yasmin Nair 

READ: I’m a freelance writer. I refuse to work for free.


Don’t, don’t what?

My work — responsibilities, job title, salary, benefits, compensation, long-term rewards, security, and achievements — is a core part of my life, purpose, and identity.

I have heard, “Oh, it’s business. Life is not fair, don’t take it personally”.

Don’t, don’t what?

Of course, I will take it personally!

No employer should joke with these and no employee should be scared of clarifying these in the fine print before taking a job.


Quote of The Day

People change. Situations change. A documented CONTRACT does not. Always have a contract; one that reasonably considers your future growth.

Obiora Obiwon


WATCH: Tomorrow will be #TechPlus

Yesterday was technology driven, tomorrow will be #TechPlus.



Tomorrow will be #TechPlus

TechPlus, an amazing technology event which debuted last year is back, bigger and better.

Read about the 2016 Edition here

I am serving again this year on the Advisory & Planning Teams.

Look forward to an exciting outing in July.

Please register to attend!




#Recommended: ‘Corporate Countries’…

Interesting article on Foreign Policy’s Website…


APPLY: #BSW8 Opens…

#BSW8 is the eighth edition in series of the Business Skills Workshop an initiative of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers to empower Micro Entrepreneurs with the skills they need to run sustainable businesses.

Leading a strong team in business is an important aspect of business building and growth. The need to adopt new insights as well as knowledge to gain competitive advantage and hit good margins lies in the productivity of the people you have within your business.

How do you take your team from the ground to the top? How do you maximize your team? How best do you motivate your team? How do you help your team reach their fullest potential? How do you become an effective team player?

All these questions will be answered at #BSW8.

The Business Skills Workshop (BSW) was created by the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Lagos to support entrepreneurial growth through the provision of business resources that equip young entrepreneurs through a series of engaging sessions with basic skills such as financial management, business development, marketing, strategy etc., in order to ensure business growth and sustainability.

Attend our next session:

Topic: Leading A Strong Team

Date: March 31, 2016

Time 10 a.m. prompt

Facilitator: Patrick Nwakogo, CEO, Dale Carnegie Nigeria

Certificates will be issued to all participants.


For enquiries: Email:; Call: 08035776246

Only 30 seats available.


#Recommended: The Startup Ecosystem

Seedstars World has published a 140-page publication detailing learnings from traveling through 55 startup ecosystems from around the world. It also shows the results of the Seedstars Index, a research and benchmark of these different ecosystems.

After traveling through 54 countries across the world, Seedstars World has summarized their views on the rising startup ecosystems across emerging markets. This booklet presents numbers, statistics, insights and case studies about how innovation and entrepreneurship can cause positive and sustainable impact across the world.

Marcello Shermer sent me this insightful report and I am pleased to share…

The Startup Ecosystem by Seedstars World


#Recommended: Start Ups and Founders….

I found this article and thought to share.

The conversation which characterises this topic is similar to the discussions about Nonprofit organisations and founders which I always advise clients to be wary about.