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#Reading Challenge: Would you hold me accountable?

It’s been about a year since I posted on this blog, no? #JustKidding

Sincere apologies to those who have checked in every now and then; the reason is simple – I have been S-W-A-M-P-E-D.

Swimming frantically against the tide of work, a lifelong pursuit, training, project supervision/consultancy and a book project – little me. It has been tough, painful, hurting and simple stressful but I am grateful for inner strength and divine mercies.

I LOVE to read, just found a new word I will write about shortly.

Can you imagine my excitement when I stumbled on excerpts of what seems to be a very interesting book (THE RISE: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery) which interrogates aspects of our lifestyles, we hardly pay attention to? I bet you cannot. Just a review of the book got me soaked in and I already posted quotes on my Facebook Page and sent a shout out to the author on Twitter. She writes with the clarity of thought, yet uncertainness of someone open to superior arguments without a fight; she reminds me of one of my favourite authors, Malcom Gladwell.




Contemporary society is just beginning to delve into the true distinctions between men and women. Besides the obvious physiological differences, there are also differences in the way men and women think, speak, and behave.

It is sad to note that some people insist that the disparity in the physical and psychological capabilities of man and woman is due to the imperfection of the woman and the perfection of the man. They hold that, for certain good reasons, woman has been intentionally created imperfect. The notion of the imperfection of woman has been more popular in Africa. In Africa, the woman is always given a raw deal. Sometimes, misquoting religion, they say the woman should be ashamed of herself. Sometimes they say: “Woman is the being, having long hair and a deficient brain”, “Woman is the partition between animal and man” and so on.

Break The Alabaster challenges the all-time debate and endeavours to justify women as the fragrance they are. Not to be hidden, but released. It encourages women to break out and release their fragrance – to rise above obstacles, determine their worth and set high standards and most of all be the aroma they were fashioned to be.

“Man should learn to give place to woman and a country or community in which women are not honoured can not be considered as civilized.” … Mahatma Gandhi

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