Don’t, don’t what?

By on April 4, 2016

My work — responsibilities, job title, salary, benefits, compensation, long-term rewards, security, and achievements — is a core part of my life, purpose, and identity.
I have heard, “Oh, it’s…


#TAC 1.0

By on April 2, 2016



The Alabaster Circles

By on April 1, 2016
Announcing the launch of The Alabaster Circles...

#Recommended: Expertise & Governance

By on March 31, 2016
Critics have argued that administrative experience is the thrust of cabinet appointments and ministerial leadership...

Quote of The Day

By on March 30, 2016

“The future’s already here, just not evenly distributed. The budgets are moving, the skills are shifting, the measurements are changing, the outcomes of our work are changing….No company is…